Choreonoid  1.8
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cnoid::InteractiveCameraTransform Class Reference

#include <InteractiveCameraTransform.h>

Inheritance diagram for cnoid::InteractiveCameraTransform:
cnoid::SgPosTransform cnoid::SgTransform cnoid::SgGroup cnoid::SgNode cnoid::SgObject cnoid::ClonableReferenced cnoid::Referenced

Public Member Functions

EIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEW InteractiveCameraTransform ()
 InteractiveCameraTransform (const InteractiveCameraTransform &org, CloneMap *cloneMap=nullptr)
virtual ReferenceddoClone (CloneMap *cloneMap) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgPosTransform
 SgPosTransform (const Isometry3 &T)
 SgPosTransform (const Affine3 &T)
 SgPosTransform (const SgPosTransform &org, CloneMap *cloneMap=nullptr)
virtual const BoundingBoxboundingBox () const override
virtual void getTransform (Affine3 &out_T) const override
Isometry3T ()
const Isometry3T () const
Isometry3position ()
const Isometry3position () const
Isometry3::TranslationPart translation ()
Isometry3::ConstTranslationPart translation () const
Isometry3::LinearPart rotation ()
Isometry3::ConstLinearPart rotation () const
template<class Scalar , int Mode, int Options>
void setPosition (const Eigen::Transform< Scalar, 3, Mode, Options > &T)
template<class Derived >
void setPosition (const Eigen::MatrixBase< Derived > &T)
template<class Scalar , int Mode, int Options>
void setTransform (const Eigen::Transform< Scalar, 3, Mode, Options > &T)
template<typename Derived >
void setRotation (const Eigen::MatrixBase< Derived > &R)
template<typename T >
void setRotation (const Eigen::AngleAxis< T > &aa)
template<typename T >
void setRotation (const Eigen::Quaternion< T > &q)
template<typename Derived >
void setTranslation (const Eigen::MatrixBase< Derived > &p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgTransform
virtual const BoundingBoxuntransformedBoundingBox () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgGroup
 SgGroup ()
 SgGroup (const SgGroup &org, CloneMap *cloneMap=nullptr)
 ~SgGroup ()
virtual int numChildObjects () const override
virtual SgObjectchildObject (int index) override
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
const_iterator cbegin ()
const_iterator cend ()
reverse_iterator rbegin ()
reverse_iterator rend ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
const_reverse_iterator rbegin () const
const_reverse_iterator rend () const
iterator erase (iterator pos)
bool empty () const
int numChildren () const
SgNodechild (int index)
const SgNodechild (int index) const
bool contains (SgNode *node) const
int findChildIndex (SgNode *child) const
template<class NodeType >
NodeType * getChild (int index)
 This throws an exeption when the index is invalid or the type is not matched. More...
void addChild (SgNode *node, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
bool addChildOnce (SgNode *node, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void insertChild (int index, SgNode *node, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void insertChild (SgNode *nextNode, SgNode *node, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void setSingleChild (SgNode *node, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
iterator removeChild (iterator childIter, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
bool removeChild (SgNode *node, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void removeChildAt (int index, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void clearChildren (SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void copyChildrenTo (SgGroup *group, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void moveChildrenTo (SgGroup *group, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void insertChild (SgNode *node, int index, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
SgGroupnextChainedGroup ()
void insertChainedGroup (SgGroup *group, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void removeChainedGroup (SgGroup *group, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
template<class NodeType >
NodeType * findNodeOfType (int depth=-1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgNode
 SgNode ()
 SgNode (const SgNode &org)
 ~SgNode ()
int classId () const
SgNodecloneNode () const
SgNodecloneNode (CloneMap &cloneMap) const
SgNodePath findNode (const std::string &name, Affine3 &out_T)
void addDecorationReference ()
void releaseDecorationReference ()
bool isDecoratedSomewhere () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgObject
SgObjectclone () const
SgObjectclone (CloneMap &cloneMap) const
void setAttribute (int attr)
void setAttributes (int attrs)
int attributes () const
bool hasAttribute (int attr) const
bool hasAttributes (int attrs) const
const std::string & name () const
void setName (const std::string &name)
SignalProxy< void(const SgUpdate &update)> sigUpdated ()
void notifyUpdate (SgUpdate &update)
void notifyUpdate (int action=SgUpdate::Modified)
void addParent (SgObject *parent, SgUpdateRef update=nullptr)
void removeParent (SgObject *parent)
int numParents () const
bool hasParents () const
const_parentIter parentBegin () const
const_parentIter parentEnd () const
SignalProxy< void(bool on)> sigGraphConnection ()
bool hasValidBoundingBoxCache () const
void invalidateBoundingBox ()
void setBoundingBoxCacheReady () const
bool hasUri () const
const std::string & uri () const
bool hasAbsoluteUri () const
const std::string & absoluteUri () const
bool hasUriFragment () const
const std::string & uriFragment () const
void setUriByFilePathAndBaseDirectory (const std::string &filePath, const std::string &baseDirectory)
void setUriByFilePathAndCurrentDirectory (const std::string &filePath)
void setUri (const std::string &uri, const std::string &absoluteUri)
void setUriFragment (const std::string &fragment)
void clearUri ()
bool isNode () const
SgNodetoNode ()
bool isGroupNode () const
SgGrouptoGroupNode ()
bool isTransformNode () const
SgTransformtoTransformNode ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::Referenced
virtual ~Referenced ()

Protected Member Functions

 InteractiveCameraTransform (int polymorhicId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgPosTransform
 SgPosTransform (int classId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgTransform
 SgTransform (int classId)
 SgTransform (const SgTransform &org, CloneMap *cloneMap=nullptr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgGroup
 SgGroup (int classId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgNode
 SgNode (int classId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgObject
 SgObject ()
 SgObject (const SgObject &org)
void notifyUpperNodesOfUpdate (SgUpdate &update)
void notifyUpperNodesOfUpdate (SgUpdate &update, bool doInvalidateBoundingBox)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::Referenced
 Referenced ()
 Referenced (const Referenced &)
int refCount () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cnoid::SgGroup
typedef Container::iterator iterator
typedef Container::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
typedef Container::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef Container::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator
- Public Types inherited from cnoid::SgObject
enum  Attribute {
  Node = 1 << 0, GroupNode = 1 << 1, TransformNode = 1 << 2, Composite = 1 << 3,
  Geometry = 1 << 4, Appearance = 1 << 5, NodeDecoration = 1 << 6, Marker = 1 << 7,
  Operable = 1 << 8, MaxAttributeBit = 9, GroupAttribute = GroupNode, NodeDecorationGroup = NodeDecoration,
  MarkerAttribute = Marker
typedef std::set< SgObject * > ParentContainer
typedef ParentContainer::iterator parentIter
typedef ParentContainer::const_iterator const_parentIter
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgNode
static int findClassId (const std::type_info &nodeType)
template<class NodeType >
static int findClassId ()
template<class NodeType >
static int findPolymorphicId ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::SgObject
static bool checkNonNodeCloning (const CloneMap &cloneMap)
static void setNonNodeCloning (CloneMap &cloneMap, bool on)
- Protected Attributes inherited from cnoid::SgTransform
BoundingBox untransformedBboxCache
- Protected Attributes inherited from cnoid::SgGroup
BoundingBox bboxCache

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InteractiveCameraTransform() [1/3]

InteractiveCameraTransform::InteractiveCameraTransform ( )

◆ InteractiveCameraTransform() [2/3]

InteractiveCameraTransform::InteractiveCameraTransform ( const InteractiveCameraTransform org,
CloneMap cloneMap = nullptr 

◆ InteractiveCameraTransform() [3/3]

InteractiveCameraTransform::InteractiveCameraTransform ( int  polymorhicId)

Member Function Documentation

◆ doClone()

Referenced * InteractiveCameraTransform::doClone ( CloneMap cloneMap) const

Reimplemented from cnoid::SgPosTransform.

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