Choreonoid  1.8
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cnoid::WorldLogFileItem Class Reference

#include <WorldLogFileItem.h>

Inheritance diagram for cnoid::WorldLogFileItem:
cnoid::Item cnoid::Referenced

Public Member Functions

 WorldLogFileItem ()
 WorldLogFileItem (const WorldLogFileItem &org)
 ~WorldLogFileItem ()
bool setLogFile (const std::string &filename)
const std::string & logFile () const
void setTimeStampSuffixEnabled (bool on)
bool isTimeStampSuffixEnabled () const
void setRecordingFrameRate (double rate)
double recordingFrameRate () const
void clearOutput ()
void beginHeaderOutput ()
int outputBodyHeader (const std::string &name)
void endHeaderOutput ()
void beginFrameOutput (double time)
void beginBodyStateOutput ()
void outputLinkPositions (SE3 *positions, int size)
void outputJointPositions (double *values, int size)
void beginDeviceStateOutput ()
void outputDeviceState (DeviceState *state)
void endDeviceStateOutput ()
void endBodyStateOutput ()
void endFrameOutput ()
int numBodies () const
const std::string & bodyName (int bodyIndex) const
bool recallStateAtTime (double time)
void invalidateLastStateConsistency ()
virtual void notifyUpdate () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::Item
virtual ~Item ()
Itemoperator= (const Item &rhs)=delete
int classId () const
ItemcreateNewInstance () const
void assign (Item *srcItem)
 Copy item properties as much as possible like the assignment operator. More...
Itemduplicate (Item *duplicatedParentItem=nullptr) const
ItemduplicateSubTree () const
 This function creates a copy of the item including its descendant items. More...
ItemduplicateAll () const
const std::string & name () const
virtual bool setName (const std::string &name)
virtual std::string displayName () const
void setDisplayNameModifier (std::function< std::string(const Item *item)> modifier)
SignalProxy< void(const std::string &oldName)> sigNameChanged ()
void notifyNameChange ()
 This function notifies the system of a displayName change. More...
void setAttribute (Attribute attribute)
void unsetAttribute (Attribute attribute)
bool hasAttribute (Attribute attribute) const
bool isSubItem () const
void setSubItemAttributes ()
bool isTemporal () const
void setTemporal (bool on=true)
bool isSelected () const
void setSelected (bool on, bool isCurrent=false)
void setSubTreeItemsSelected (bool on)
bool isChecked (int checkId=PrimaryCheck) const
void setChecked (bool on)
void setChecked (int checkId, bool on)
int numCheckStates () const
int numChildren () const
int countDescendantItems () const
ItemchildItem () const
ItemprevItem () const
ItemnextItem () const
ItemlastChildItem () const
ItemparentItem () const
ItemheadItem () const
RootItemfindRootItem () const
bool isConnectedToRoot () const
ItemlocalRootItem () const
bool addChildItem (Item *item, bool isManualOperation=false)
bool insertChildItem (Item *item, Item *nextItem, bool isManualOperation=false)
bool insertChild (Item *position, Item *item, bool isManualOperation=false)
bool addSubItem (Item *item)
bool insertSubItem (Item *item, Item *nextItem)
void removeFromParentItem ()
void detachFromParentItem ()
void clearChildren ()
template<class ItemType >
ItemType * find (const std::string &path="")
ItemfindItem (const std::string &path) const
template<class ItemType >
ItemType * findItem (const std::string &path) const
template<class ItemType >
ItemType * findItem (std::function< bool(ItemType *item)> pred=nullptr) const
ItemfindChildItem (const std::string &path, std::function< bool(Item *item)> pred=nullptr) const
template<class ItemType >
ItemType * findChildItem (const std::string &path, std::function< bool(ItemType *item)> pred=nullptr) const
template<class ItemType >
ItemType * findChildItem (std::function< bool(ItemType *item)> pred=nullptr) const
ItemfindSubItem (const std::string &path) const
template<class ItemType >
ItemType * findSubItem (const std::string &path="") const
template<class ItemType >
ItemType * findOwnerItem (bool includeSelf=false) const
bool isOwnedBy (Item *item) const
ItemList childItems (std::function< bool(Item *item)> pred=nullptr) const
template<class ItemType >
ItemList< ItemType > childItems (std::function< bool(ItemType *item)> pred=nullptr) const
ItemList descendantItems (std::function< bool(Item *item)> pred=nullptr) const
template<class ItemType >
ItemList< ItemType > descendantItems (std::function< bool(ItemType *item)> pred=nullptr) const
ItemList selectedDescendantItems (std::function< bool(Item *item)> pred=nullptr) const
template<class ItemType >
ItemList< ItemType > selectedDescendantItems (std::function< bool(Item *item)> pred=nullptr) const
bool traverse (std::function< bool(Item *)> pred)
template<class ItemType >
bool traverse (std::function< bool(ItemType *item)> pred=nullptr)
SignalProxy< void()> sigTreePathChanged ()
SignalProxy< void()> sigTreePositionChanged ()
SignalProxy< void(Item *topItem, Item *prevTopParentItem)> sigTreePositionChanged2 ()
SignalProxy< void()> sigPositionChanged ()
SignalProxy< void()> sigSubTreeChanged ()
SignalProxy< void()> sigDisconnectedFromRoot ()
SignalProxy< void()> sigDetachedFromRoot ()
SignalProxy< void(bool on)> sigSelectionChanged ()
SignalProxy< void(int checkId, bool on)> sigAnyCheckToggled ()
SignalProxy< void(bool on)> sigCheckToggled (int checkId=PrimaryCheck)
SignalProxy< void()> sigUpdated ()
bool setAddon (ItemAddon *addon)
void removeAddon (ItemAddon *addon)
template<class AddonType >
AddonType * findAddon ()
template<class AddonType >
AddonType * getAddon ()
std::vector< ItemAddon * > addons ()
bool load (const std::string &filename, const std::string &format=std::string(), const Mapping *options=nullptr)
bool load (const std::string &filename, Item *parent, const std::string &format=std::string(), const Mapping *options=nullptr)
bool save (const std::string &filename, const std::string &format=std::string(), const Mapping *options=nullptr)
bool overwrite (bool forceOverwrite=false, const std::string &format=std::string())
const std::string & filePath () const
 Full path file name. More...
std::string fileName () const
 File name without the directory. More...
const std::string & fileFormat () const
const MappingfileOptions () const
std::time_t fileModificationTime () const
bool isConsistentWithFile () const
void updateFileInformation (const std::string &filename, const std::string &format, Mapping *options=nullptr)
void setConsistentWithFile (bool isConsistent)
void suggestFileUpdate ()
void clearFileInformation ()
 Use this function to disable the implicit overwrite next time. More...
bool reload ()
bool replace (Item *originalItem)
ItemfindOriginalItem () const
ItemfindReplacementItem () const
void putProperties (PutPropertyFunction &putProperty)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::Referenced
virtual ~Referenced ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void initializeClass (ExtensionManager *ext)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::Item
template<class ItemType >
static ItemPredicate getItemPredicate ()
template<class ItemType >
static ItemPredicate getItemPredicate (std::function< bool(ItemType *item)> pred)
static Itemfind (const std::string &path)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ItemdoDuplicate () const override
 Override this function to allow duplication of an instance. More...
virtual void onTreePathChanged () override
virtual void doPutProperties (PutPropertyFunction &putProperty) override
virtual bool store (Archive &archive) override
virtual bool restore (const Archive &archive) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::Item
 Item ()
 Item (const std::string &name)
 Item (const Item &item)
virtual void doAssign (Item *srcItem)
 Implement the code to copy properties like the assingment operator. More...
virtual ItemdoDuplicate (Item *duplicatedParentItem) const
virtual bool onNewTreePositionCheck (bool isManualOperation, std::function< void()> &out_callbackWhenAdded)
virtual void onAddedToParent ()
virtual void onTreePositionChanged ()
virtual void onPositionChanged ()
virtual void onConnectedToRoot ()
virtual void onRemovedFromParent (Item *parentItem, bool isParentBeingDeleted)
virtual void onDisconnectedFromRoot ()
virtual bool onChildItemAboutToBeAdded (Item *childItem, bool isManualOperation)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::Referenced
 Referenced ()
 Referenced (const Referenced &)
int refCount () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cnoid::Item
enum  Attribute {
  SubItem, Attached, Temporal, LoadOnly,
  NumAttributes, SUB_ITEM = SubItem, TEMPORAL = Temporal, LOAD_ONLY = LoadOnly
enum  CheckId { LogicalSumOfAllChecks = -1, PrimaryCheck = 0 }
typedef std::function< bool(Item *item)> ItemPredicate

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WorldLogFileItem() [1/2]

WorldLogFileItem::WorldLogFileItem ( )

◆ WorldLogFileItem() [2/2]

WorldLogFileItem::WorldLogFileItem ( const WorldLogFileItem org)

◆ ~WorldLogFileItem()

WorldLogFileItem::~WorldLogFileItem ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ beginBodyStateOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::beginBodyStateOutput ( )

◆ beginDeviceStateOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::beginDeviceStateOutput ( )

◆ beginFrameOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::beginFrameOutput ( double  time)

◆ beginHeaderOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::beginHeaderOutput ( )

◆ bodyName()

const std::string & WorldLogFileItem::bodyName ( int  bodyIndex) const

◆ clearOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::clearOutput ( )

◆ doDuplicate()

Item * WorldLogFileItem::doDuplicate ( ) const

Override this function to allow duplication of an instance.

Reimplemented from cnoid::Item.

◆ doPutProperties()

void WorldLogFileItem::doPutProperties ( PutPropertyFunction putProperty)

This function is used to put a standard properties of the item. You can implement the standard properties by overriding this function.

The overridden function should call the same function of the parent class.

Reimplemented from cnoid::Item.

◆ endBodyStateOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::endBodyStateOutput ( )

◆ endDeviceStateOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::endDeviceStateOutput ( )

◆ endFrameOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::endFrameOutput ( )

◆ endHeaderOutput()

void WorldLogFileItem::endHeaderOutput ( )

◆ initializeClass()

void WorldLogFileItem::initializeClass ( ExtensionManager ext)

◆ invalidateLastStateConsistency()

void WorldLogFileItem::invalidateLastStateConsistency ( )

◆ isTimeStampSuffixEnabled()

bool WorldLogFileItem::isTimeStampSuffixEnabled ( ) const

◆ logFile()

const std::string & WorldLogFileItem::logFile ( ) const

◆ notifyUpdate()

void WorldLogFileItem::notifyUpdate ( )

Reimplemented from cnoid::Item.

◆ numBodies()

int WorldLogFileItem::numBodies ( ) const

◆ onTreePathChanged()

void WorldLogFileItem::onTreePathChanged ( )

This function is called at the same time as sigTreePathChanged. The order in which it is called precedes the signal. By overriding this function in a derived item class, you can implement the necessary processing when the path in the item tree is changed.

Reimplemented from cnoid::Item.

◆ outputBodyHeader()

int WorldLogFileItem::outputBodyHeader ( const std::string &  name)

◆ outputDeviceState()

void WorldLogFileItem::outputDeviceState ( DeviceState state)

◆ outputJointPositions()

void WorldLogFileItem::outputJointPositions ( double *  values,
int  size 

◆ outputLinkPositions()

void WorldLogFileItem::outputLinkPositions ( SE3 positions,
int  size 

◆ recallStateAtTime()

bool WorldLogFileItem::recallStateAtTime ( double  time)
True if the time is within the data range and the frame is correctly recalled. False if the time is outside the data range or the frame cannot be recalled.

◆ recordingFrameRate()

double WorldLogFileItem::recordingFrameRate ( ) const

◆ restore()

bool WorldLogFileItem::restore ( const Archive archive)

Reimplemented from cnoid::Item.

◆ setLogFile()

bool WorldLogFileItem::setLogFile ( const std::string &  filename)

◆ setRecordingFrameRate()

void WorldLogFileItem::setRecordingFrameRate ( double  rate)

◆ setTimeStampSuffixEnabled()

void WorldLogFileItem::setTimeStampSuffixEnabled ( bool  on)

◆ store()

bool WorldLogFileItem::store ( Archive archive)

Reimplemented from cnoid::Item.

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