Choreonoid  1.8
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cnoid::ExtensionManager Class Reference

#include <ExtensionManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for cnoid::ExtensionManager:
cnoid::Plugin cnoid::PythonPlugin

Public Member Functions

 ExtensionManager (const std::string &moduleName, bool isPlugin)
 ExtensionManager (const std::string &moduleName, const std::string &version, bool isPlugin)
virtual ~ExtensionManager ()
const std::string & name () const
const std::string & textDomain () const
ItemManageritemManager ()
ViewManagerviewManager ()
MenuManagermenuManager ()
OptionManageroptionManager ()
void addToolBar (ToolBar *toolBar)
void mountToolBar (ToolBar *toolBar)
template<class PointerType >
PointerType manage (PointerType pointer)
SignalProxy< void()> sigSystemUpdated ()
SignalProxy< void()> sigReleaseRequest ()
void setProjectArchiver (const std::string &name, std::function< bool(Archive &)> storeFunction, std::function< void(const Archive &)> restoreFunction)
void setProjectArchiver (std::function< bool(Archive &)> storeFunction, std::function< void(const Archive &)> restoreFunction)

Static Public Member Functions

static void notifySystemUpdate ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ExtensionManager() [1/2]

ExtensionManager::ExtensionManager ( const std::string &  moduleName,
bool  isPlugin 

◆ ExtensionManager() [2/2]

ExtensionManager::ExtensionManager ( const std::string &  moduleName,
const std::string &  version,
bool  isPlugin 

◆ ~ExtensionManager()

ExtensionManager::~ExtensionManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addToolBar()

void ExtensionManager::addToolBar ( ToolBar toolBar)

◆ itemManager()

ItemManager & ExtensionManager::itemManager ( )

◆ manage()

template<class PointerType >
PointerType cnoid::ExtensionManager::manage ( PointerType  pointer)

◆ menuManager()

MenuManager & ExtensionManager::menuManager ( )

◆ mountToolBar()

void ExtensionManager::mountToolBar ( ToolBar toolBar)

This function is similar to the addToolBar function, but it always shows the tool bar and replaces an existing tool bar if the tool bar has the same name with the new tool bar. The function is mainly provided for the script use. A script may be executed repeatedly without restarting Choreonoid, especially during its development. Even in such a situation, the script can easily introduce a tool bar just by using this function without coding the operation to show the tool bar and remove the tool bar instance that has been added by the script.

◆ name()

const std::string & ExtensionManager::name ( ) const

◆ notifySystemUpdate()

void ExtensionManager::notifySystemUpdate ( )

This function emits the SystemUpdated signal.

Emitting a signal is not done at the time of calling this function, but later in the event loop. As a result, the processing of the callback function becomes after the other events under processing are processed. Also, even if this function is called more than once at the same time, emission of signals will be brought together.

◆ optionManager()

OptionManager & ExtensionManager::optionManager ( )

◆ setProjectArchiver() [1/2]

void ExtensionManager::setProjectArchiver ( const std::string &  name,
std::function< bool(Archive &)>  storeFunction,
std::function< void(const Archive &)>  restoreFunction 

◆ setProjectArchiver() [2/2]

void ExtensionManager::setProjectArchiver ( std::function< bool(Archive &)>  storeFunction,
std::function< void(const Archive &)>  restoreFunction 

◆ sigReleaseRequest()

SignalProxy< void()> ExtensionManager::sigReleaseRequest ( )

◆ sigSystemUpdated()

SignalProxy< void()> ExtensionManager::sigSystemUpdated ( )

This signal is emitted when the states of the objects available in the system are updated, such as when the initial generation of the object is completed at startup, when a new plug-in is read or released.

◆ textDomain()

const std::string & ExtensionManager::textDomain ( ) const

◆ viewManager()

ViewManager & ExtensionManager::viewManager ( )

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