Choreonoid  1.8
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cnoid::SceneBar Class Reference

#include <SceneBar.h>

Inheritance diagram for cnoid::SceneBar:

Public Member Functions

void addCustomModeButton (int id, const QIcon &icon, const QString &caption)
void removeCustomModeButton (int id)
SceneViewcurrentSceneView ()
SceneWidgettargetSceneWidget ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::ToolBar
 ToolBar (const QString &name)
virtual ~ToolBar ()
ToolButtonaddButton (const QString &text, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddButton (const QIcon &icon, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddButton (const char *const *xpm, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddToggleButton (const QString &text, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddToggleButton (const QIcon &icon, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddToggleButton (const char *const *xpm, const QString &tooltip=QString())
void requestNewRadioGroup ()
QButtonGroup * currentRadioGroup ()
ToolButtonaddRadioButton (const QString &text, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddRadioButton (const QIcon &icon, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddRadioButton (const char *const *xpm, const QString &tooltip=QString())
void addAction (QAction *action)
void addWidget (QWidget *widget)
QLabel * addLabel (const QString &text)
QLabel * addImage (const QString &filename)
QWidget * addSeparator ()
void addSpacing (int spacing=-1)
ToolBarsetInsertionPosition (int index)
void setVisibleByDefault (bool on=true)
bool isVisibleByDefault () const
void placeOnNewRowByDefault (bool on=true)
bool isPlacedOnNewRowByDefault () const
void setStretchable (bool on)
bool isStretchable () const
virtual int stretchableDefaultWidth () const
void setAutoRaiseByDefault (bool on=true)
bool isAutoRaiseByDefault () const
ToolBarAreatoolBarArea ()
virtual bool storeState (Archive &archive)
virtual bool restoreState (const Archive &archive)

Static Public Member Functions

static void initialize (ExtensionManager *ext)
static SceneBarinstance ()

Protected Member Functions

 SceneBar ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from cnoid::ToolBar
void setEnabled (bool on)
void changeIconSize (const QSize &iconSize)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SceneBar()

SceneBar::SceneBar ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addCustomModeButton()

void SceneBar::addCustomModeButton ( int  id,
const QIcon &  icon,
const QString &  caption 

◆ currentSceneView()

SceneView* cnoid::SceneBar::currentSceneView ( )

◆ initialize()

void SceneBar::initialize ( ExtensionManager ext)

◆ instance()

SceneBar * SceneBar::instance ( )

◆ removeCustomModeButton()

void SceneBar::removeCustomModeButton ( int  id)

◆ targetSceneWidget()

SceneWidget * SceneBar::targetSceneWidget ( )

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