Choreonoid  1.8
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cnoid::TimeBar Class Reference

#include <TimeBar.h>

Inheritance diagram for cnoid::TimeBar:

Public Member Functions

 ~TimeBar ()
SignalProxy< bool(double time), LogicalProductsigPlaybackInitialized ()
SignalProxy< void(double time)> sigPlaybackStarted ()
SignalProxy< bool(double time), LogicalSumsigTimeChanged ()
SignalProxy< void(double time, bool isStoppedManually)> sigPlaybackStopped ()
double time () const
bool setTime (double time)
double realPlaybackTime () const
double minTime () const
double maxTime () const
void setTimeRange (double min, double max)
double frameRate () const
void setFrameRate (double rate)
double timeStep () const
bool isBeatMode () const
double beatOffset () const
double tempo () const
double timeOfBeatLocation (double beatLocation) const
double beatLocationOfTime (double time) const
int beatNumerator () const
int beatDenominator () const
double playbackSpeedScale () const
void setPlaybackSpeedScale (double scale)
double playbackFrameRate () const
void setPlaybackFrameRate (double rate)
void setRepeatMode (bool on)
void startPlayback ()
void startPlayback (double time)
void stopPlayback (bool isStoppedManually=false)
bool isDoingPlayback ()
int startOngoingTimeUpdate (double time=0.0)
void updateOngoingTime (int id, double time)
void stopOngoingTimeUpdate (int id)
void setOngoingTimeSyncEnabled (bool on)
void startPlaybackFromFillLevel ()
int startFillLevelUpdate (double time=0.0)
void updateFillLevel (int id, double time)
void stopFillLevelUpdate (int id)
void setFillLevelSync (bool on)
virtual int stretchableDefaultWidth () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cnoid::ToolBar
 ToolBar (const QString &name)
virtual ~ToolBar ()
ToolButtonaddButton (const QString &text, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddButton (const QIcon &icon, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddButton (const char *const *xpm, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddToggleButton (const QString &text, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddToggleButton (const QIcon &icon, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddToggleButton (const char *const *xpm, const QString &tooltip=QString())
void requestNewRadioGroup ()
QButtonGroup * currentRadioGroup ()
ToolButtonaddRadioButton (const QString &text, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddRadioButton (const QIcon &icon, const QString &tooltip=QString())
ToolButtonaddRadioButton (const char *const *xpm, const QString &tooltip=QString())
void addAction (QAction *action)
void addWidget (QWidget *widget)
QLabel * addLabel (const QString &text)
QLabel * addImage (const QString &filename)
QWidget * addSeparator ()
void addSpacing (int spacing=-1)
ToolBarsetInsertionPosition (int index)
void setVisibleByDefault (bool on=true)
bool isVisibleByDefault () const
void placeOnNewRowByDefault (bool on=true)
bool isPlacedOnNewRowByDefault () const
void setStretchable (bool on)
bool isStretchable () const
void setAutoRaiseByDefault (bool on=true)
bool isAutoRaiseByDefault () const
ToolBarAreatoolBarArea ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void initialize (ExtensionManager *ext)
static TimeBarinstance ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool storeState (Archive &archive)
virtual bool restoreState (const Archive &archive)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from cnoid::ToolBar
void setEnabled (bool on)
void changeIconSize (const QSize &iconSize)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~TimeBar()

TimeBar::~TimeBar ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ beatDenominator()

int cnoid::TimeBar::beatDenominator ( ) const

◆ beatLocationOfTime()

double cnoid::TimeBar::beatLocationOfTime ( double  time) const

◆ beatNumerator()

int cnoid::TimeBar::beatNumerator ( ) const

◆ beatOffset()

double cnoid::TimeBar::beatOffset ( ) const

◆ frameRate()

double cnoid::TimeBar::frameRate ( ) const

◆ initialize()

void TimeBar::initialize ( ExtensionManager ext)

◆ instance()

TimeBar * TimeBar::instance ( )

◆ isBeatMode()

bool cnoid::TimeBar::isBeatMode ( ) const

◆ isDoingPlayback()

bool TimeBar::isDoingPlayback ( )

◆ maxTime()

double TimeBar::maxTime ( ) const

◆ minTime()

double TimeBar::minTime ( ) const

◆ playbackFrameRate()

double TimeBar::playbackFrameRate ( ) const

◆ playbackSpeedScale()

double TimeBar::playbackSpeedScale ( ) const

◆ realPlaybackTime()

double TimeBar::realPlaybackTime ( ) const

◆ restoreState()

bool TimeBar::restoreState ( const Archive archive)

Reimplemented from cnoid::ToolBar.

◆ setFillLevelSync()

void cnoid::TimeBar::setFillLevelSync ( bool  on)

◆ setFrameRate()

void TimeBar::setFrameRate ( double  rate)

◆ setOngoingTimeSyncEnabled()

void TimeBar::setOngoingTimeSyncEnabled ( bool  on)

◆ setPlaybackFrameRate()

void TimeBar::setPlaybackFrameRate ( double  rate)

◆ setPlaybackSpeedScale()

void TimeBar::setPlaybackSpeedScale ( double  scale)

◆ setRepeatMode()

void TimeBar::setRepeatMode ( bool  on)

◆ setTime()

bool TimeBar::setTime ( double  time)

◆ setTimeRange()

void TimeBar::setTimeRange ( double  min,
double  max 

◆ sigPlaybackInitialized()

SignalProxy< bool(double time), LogicalProduct > TimeBar::sigPlaybackInitialized ( )
If any connected slot returns false, the playback is canceled.

◆ sigPlaybackStarted()

SignalProxy< void(double time)> TimeBar::sigPlaybackStarted ( )

◆ sigPlaybackStopped()

SignalProxy< void(double time, bool isStoppedManually)> TimeBar::sigPlaybackStopped ( )

◆ sigTimeChanged()

SignalProxy< bool(double time), LogicalSum > TimeBar::sigTimeChanged ( )

Signal emitted when the TimeBar's time changes.

In the function connected to this signal, please return true if the time is valid for it, and return false if the time is not valid. The example of the latter case is that the time is over the length of the data processed in the function.

◆ startFillLevelUpdate()

int cnoid::TimeBar::startFillLevelUpdate ( double  time = 0.0)

◆ startOngoingTimeUpdate()

int TimeBar::startOngoingTimeUpdate ( double  time = 0.0)

◆ startPlayback() [1/2]

void TimeBar::startPlayback ( )

◆ startPlayback() [2/2]

void TimeBar::startPlayback ( double  time)

◆ startPlaybackFromFillLevel()

void cnoid::TimeBar::startPlaybackFromFillLevel ( )

◆ stopFillLevelUpdate()

void cnoid::TimeBar::stopFillLevelUpdate ( int  id)

◆ stopOngoingTimeUpdate()

void TimeBar::stopOngoingTimeUpdate ( int  id)

◆ stopPlayback()

void TimeBar::stopPlayback ( bool  isStoppedManually = false)

◆ storeState()

bool TimeBar::storeState ( Archive archive)

Reimplemented from cnoid::ToolBar.

◆ stretchableDefaultWidth()

int TimeBar::stretchableDefaultWidth ( ) const

Reimplemented from cnoid::ToolBar.

◆ tempo()

double cnoid::TimeBar::tempo ( ) const

◆ time()

double cnoid::TimeBar::time ( ) const

◆ timeOfBeatLocation()

double cnoid::TimeBar::timeOfBeatLocation ( double  beatLocation) const

◆ timeStep()

double cnoid::TimeBar::timeStep ( ) const

◆ updateFillLevel()

void cnoid::TimeBar::updateFillLevel ( int  id,
double  time 

◆ updateOngoingTime()

void TimeBar::updateOngoingTime ( int  id,
double  time 

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