Choreonoid  1.8
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cnoid::CoordinateFrameList Class Reference

#include <CoordinateFrameList.h>

Inheritance diagram for cnoid::CoordinateFrameList:
cnoid::ClonableReferenced cnoid::Referenced

Public Types

enum  FrameType { Base, Offset }

Public Member Functions

 CoordinateFrameList ()
 CoordinateFrameList (const CoordinateFrameList &org)
 ~CoordinateFrameList ()
CoordinateFrameListoperator= (const CoordinateFrameList &rhs)
void setFrameType (int type)
int frameType () const
bool isForBaseFrames () const
bool isForOffsetFrames () const
void setFirstElementAsDefaultFrame (bool on=true)
bool hasFirstElementAsDefaultFrame () const
bool isDefaultFrameId (const GeneralId &id) const
void clear ()
int numFrames () const
CoordinateFrameframeAt (int index) const
CoordinateFramefindFrame (const GeneralId &id) const
int indexOf (CoordinateFrame *frame) const
bool insert (int index, CoordinateFrame *frame)
bool append (CoordinateFrame *frame)
void removeAt (int index)
bool remove (CoordinateFrame *frame)
SignalProxy< void(int index)> sigFrameAdded ()
SignalProxy< void(int index, CoordinateFrame *frame)> sigFrameRemoved ()
SignalProxy< void(int index, int flags)> sigFrameUpdated ()
bool resetId (CoordinateFrame *frame, const GeneralId &newId)
void resetIdCounter (int id=0)
GeneralId createNextId (int prevId=-1)
bool read (const Mapping &archive)
void write (Mapping &archive) const
void writeHeader (Mapping &archive) const
void writeFrames (Mapping &archive) const
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virtual ~Referenced ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual ReferenceddoClone (CloneMap *cloneMap) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cnoid::Referenced
 Referenced ()
 Referenced (const Referenced &)
int refCount () const


class CoordinateFrame

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ FrameType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CoordinateFrameList() [1/2]

CoordinateFrameList::CoordinateFrameList ( )

◆ CoordinateFrameList() [2/2]

CoordinateFrameList::CoordinateFrameList ( const CoordinateFrameList org)

◆ ~CoordinateFrameList()

CoordinateFrameList::~CoordinateFrameList ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ append()

bool CoordinateFrameList::append ( CoordinateFrame frame)

◆ clear()

void CoordinateFrameList::clear ( )

Keep the default frame if it exists

◆ createNextId()

GeneralId CoordinateFrameList::createNextId ( int  prevId = -1)

◆ doClone()

Referenced * CoordinateFrameList::doClone ( CloneMap cloneMap) const

◆ findFrame()

CoordinateFrame * CoordinateFrameList::findFrame ( const GeneralId id) const

◆ frameAt()

CoordinateFrame * CoordinateFrameList::frameAt ( int  index) const

◆ frameType()

int cnoid::CoordinateFrameList::frameType ( ) const

◆ hasFirstElementAsDefaultFrame()

bool cnoid::CoordinateFrameList::hasFirstElementAsDefaultFrame ( ) const

◆ indexOf()

int CoordinateFrameList::indexOf ( CoordinateFrame frame) const

◆ insert()

bool CoordinateFrameList::insert ( int  index,
CoordinateFrame frame 

◆ isDefaultFrameId()

bool CoordinateFrameList::isDefaultFrameId ( const GeneralId id) const

◆ isForBaseFrames()

bool cnoid::CoordinateFrameList::isForBaseFrames ( ) const

◆ isForOffsetFrames()

bool cnoid::CoordinateFrameList::isForOffsetFrames ( ) const

◆ numFrames()

int CoordinateFrameList::numFrames ( ) const

◆ operator=()

CoordinateFrameList & CoordinateFrameList::operator= ( const CoordinateFrameList rhs)

◆ read()

bool CoordinateFrameList::read ( const Mapping archive)

◆ remove()

bool CoordinateFrameList::remove ( CoordinateFrame frame)

◆ removeAt()

void CoordinateFrameList::removeAt ( int  index)

◆ resetId()

bool CoordinateFrameList::resetId ( CoordinateFrame frame,
const GeneralId newId 
true if the id is successfully changed. false if the id is not changed because the id is same as the previous id or anther coordinate frame with the same id exists.

◆ resetIdCounter()

void CoordinateFrameList::resetIdCounter ( int  id = 0)

Reset the internal id counter used by the createNextId function.

◆ setFirstElementAsDefaultFrame()

void CoordinateFrameList::setFirstElementAsDefaultFrame ( bool  on = true)

This function set the flag to treat the first element as a special element called default frame. In general, the default frame corresponds to the origin frame, and it is always kept even if the clear function is executed. In addition, the default frame is not stored to the archive, and it is forcibly restored by the system.

◆ setFrameType()

void cnoid::CoordinateFrameList::setFrameType ( int  type)

◆ sigFrameAdded()

SignalProxy< void(int index)> CoordinateFrameList::sigFrameAdded ( )

◆ sigFrameRemoved()

SignalProxy< void(int index, CoordinateFrame *frame)> CoordinateFrameList::sigFrameRemoved ( )

◆ sigFrameUpdated()

SignalProxy< void(int index, int flags)> CoordinateFrameList::sigFrameUpdated ( )

◆ write()

void CoordinateFrameList::write ( Mapping archive) const

◆ writeFrames()

void CoordinateFrameList::writeFrames ( Mapping archive) const

◆ writeHeader()

void CoordinateFrameList::writeHeader ( Mapping archive) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ CoordinateFrame

friend class CoordinateFrame

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