Installation of AGX Dynamics(Ubuntu Linux)

This section describes the installation of AGX Dynamics Ubuntu version.
Before installation, you should download the deb package from the AGX Dynamics download site and locate it in the /var/tmp directory.
In this description, agx-setup- is used for explanation.


AGX Dynamics is installed by executing the following command. By default it is installed in the /opt/Algoryx/AgX-<version> directory.
Next, place the AGX license file(agx.lic) in the installation directory so that you can run AGX Dynamics.
Add the execution command of setup_env.bash in .profile file.
The script will set environment variables of AGX automatically when you login in to the OS.
# Installation
cd /var/tmp
sudo dpkg -i agx-setup-    // Install the AGX Dynamics package
ls -al /opt/Algoryx/AgX-                               // Check AGX Dynamics is installed in the /opt/Alogrxy directory

# Locate the AGX license file
sudo cp -i agx.lic  /opt/Algoryx/AgX-

# Set the environment variables of AGX
cd ~                                                           // Move to home dir
cp -p .profile .profile_20171010                               // Backup .profile file for safety
echo "source /opt/Algoryx/AgX-" >> .profile
diff .profile .profile_20171010                                // Check diff
source .profile                                                // Set environment variables on this shell
env | grep -i agx                                              // Check that AGX_DIR and AGX_BINARY_DIR are sat correctly

Running test

Execute the AGX Dynamics sample as follows to check AGX Dynamics is installed correctly.

cd /opt/Algoryx/AgX-


On a virtual machine such as VMWare, the application window may not opened and failed.

$ ./tutorial_trackedVehicle
   AGX Library 64Bit AgX- Algoryx(C)
   Tutorial Tracked Vehicle (agxVehicle::Track)
Caught exception: Failed to find window with number: 0

In this case please check with the following command. –agxOnly is without graphics, –stopAt 5 is stop simulation after 5 seconds.

./tutorial_trackedVehicle --agxOnly --stopAt 5
   AGX Library 64Bit AgX- Algoryx(C)
   Tutorial Tracked Vehicle (agxVehicle::Track)
Loading scene took 0.236783 sec
Stepping 301 timesteps (5.01667 sec simulated time) took 1.69487 sec