Getting started

How to run the AGX Dynamics simulation

The way how simulator with AGXDynamics plugin is the same as other plugin simulators .
Create the simulator item “AGXSimulator” and make activation by placing as child of world item.

Creating and setting of AGXSimulator item

Create item by “file” - “new” - “AGXSimulator” on main menu.
After creation, place AGXSimulator item under world item on item tree view.
AGXSimulator item has properties that other simultor item does not have.
Please see details in AGXSimulator Item

How to execute simulation

Slect AGXSimulator under item tree view, and press the execution button.

Exclusive model for AGXDynamics plugin.

Some models are exclusive for AGXDynamics Plugin, i.e. crawler model and wire model.
Please see details from the table of contents at left side.


The sample project using AGXDynamics is available under choreonoid/samples/AGXDynamics. Try it.