A forum site for discussing Choreonoid is available below.

You can discuss anything related to Choreonoid such as

  • How to use Choreonoid
  • Bug report
  • Pproposals.

You can read the content of the discussion from the above page. If you want to write questions or comments, please make an account from “Sign up” and log in with it. If you have an account of Google, Github, or Twitter, you can log in with that.

English, Japanese categories are available so please write in English category for English category, Japanese for Japanese category.

Note that we are moving to the above forum from the Mailing-list and Github issues as a place to discuss Choreonoid. (Github issues is limited to topics directly related to the development of Choreonoid.)


Eric S. Raymond’s How To Ask Questions The Smart Way is a good reference for those who are not familiar with the use of technical forums.